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Oh, and... (for women writers)
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In the last few days, I've come across two new markets that look really cool, even though I doubt I'll ever have material to send them myself. One's a magazine, one's an annual anthology:

  • Brave New Girl: "A new teen magazine for brave, intellectual, creative girls ages 13-19....What's in the pages of Brave New Girl? The good stuff--and only the good stuff. By that we mean cool, interesting articles that you can actually use and THINK about... like articles on the biology, photography, psychology, archaeology, quantum physics, creative art projects, easy cooking recipes, the dirt on new medical discoveries, how to become a world-class activist, secret study strategies, how to read a poem, reviews of new books according to your taste--and tons of ways to have creative fun every day!

    "We've got it all covered... But we'll leave the dating & fashion tips to all the other teen mags."

    I really, really wish this magazine had been around when I was a teenager. They aren't going to publish fiction, but you can request non-fiction writers' guidelines by emailing: query AT bravenewgirlmag DOT com

  • Warrior Wisewoman: "A new annual anthology series of science fiction featuring powerful and remarkable women, edited by Roby James, to be published by Norilana Books starting in 2008...Editor Roby James says:

    "I am looking for stories that shed light on the truth of what it means to be female, that illuminate the wisdom and the strength of a woman, but not in cliché 'goddess' stories. I love action and adventure, grand space opera, thrilling discovery, and intelligent protagonists. Make the story thoughtful, wise, and surprising, not merely the same old metal spaceship hull filled with cardboard military uniforms with female names 'barking' orders and firing at aliens. In addition, the stories in the anthology should appeal to genuine emotions, suspense, fear, sorrow, delight, wonder. The science can be part of the background and the characters foremost, or the science can be central to the story, as long as the characters are realistic and appealing.

    "This is science fiction, but I also welcome stories of spiritual exploration, looking at the bond between the scientific and the divine. I want to see how a woman survives tragedy and disaster, overcomes impossible odds, achieves her true potential, or goes on to thrive in a marvelous universe of so many possibilities, using what is inside her, as well as what she finds in the laboratory, the alien planet, or space itself.

    "The stories should contain the question of 'what if' on some level. And they should have a woman answer it."

    I can't imagine ever coming up with a story for this anthology (I've written all of 2 science fiction stories in the past 6 years, and that's actually an impressive record for me!), but it sounds great, and the pay is 2 cents a word (up to 10,000 words) plus royalties, which isn't too bad. The reading period is October 31, 2007 - January 31st, 2008. I'll look forward to reading the stories that get published there!

  • Read/Post Comments (7)

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