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Of Truffles, Pirates and Motivation
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Not a single trick-or-treater came to our house this year. You know what this means, right? I get all the Lindt chocolate truffles!!!!! Score!

(I didn't actually insist on turning off all our lights and keeping very quiet all night long to keep my potential stash of truffles safe. But I did think about it...)

My brother Ben's story "Of Rum, Madness, Thunderstorms and Prayer" has just been published online in the November issue of Atomjack magazine. It's one of my personal favorites of his stories, fun, smart and swashbuckling and filled with magical/alien wonders. Check it out!

Now I just have to rewrite Chapter Seven of the current w-i-p. Something had been nagging at me ever since I started the chapter a few days ago, and I finally, with much chagrin, figured it out yesterday: Kat was being passive and just reacting to the events around her. That is so not Kat's style! So I've deleted the chapter, with a gulp, and am preparing to start it over again. Once more, with feeling AND motivation!

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