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fun with podcasts and mint chocolate liqueur
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I've been a subscriber to the Strange Horizons podcast since it started earlier this year, and I absolutely love it - my only complaint is that it isn't updated more often! I've really enjoyed all of the podcast interviews so far, but I found this week's podcast interview with Maggie Hogarth particularly thought-provoking on a whole range of issues. Some of the topics they talked about included new commerce models for writers and artists, SF and fantasy outside the publishing world, and the Amazon Kindle...which, I have to say, I am so curious about! (It's a completely theoretical curiosity for me, not just because of its staggering current price, but also because they're un-usable outside the US right now. But the basic concept, with a really good, non-back-lit screen, sounds really appealing.)

I'm also three chapters into the podcast of Daniel Pinkwater's Lizard Music and having so much had been far too long since I'd read any Pinkwater novels.

Last night we went out to the local pub after dinner. And I made a wonderful discovery: this Christmas season, they're selling new, mint chocolate-flavored Baileys liqueur! I ordered it with great trepidation, figuring it could be very easily be disgusting. But it was delicious! The perfect winter treat. And it even came with a cute little chocolate stirrer. This was a very, very dangerous discovery for me to make. We will definitely be going back to the pub. And soon! ;)

Read/Post Comments (2)

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