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Christmas specials, Ballet Shoes, and Venom
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Hooray! I finally managed to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special after all! Somehow I'd just assumed that the BBC's online streaming wouldn't work on my laptop...and I am so happy that I was proven wrong. So far, I haven't thought any of the Christmas specials were as strong as the episodes within the main seasons, but this was definitely my favorite of the Christmas specials by far, and watching it filled me with fan-joy. I'd been worried about some of the news I'd heard about Season 4 (especially their choice of companion), but watching Voyage of the Damned made me so happy that I've decided to give Season 4 a fighting chance after all.

Sadly, what won't play on my laptop, for some unknown reason, is the new BBC dramatization of Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes, with Emma Watson, aka Hermione from HP, as Pauline. Why, why, why??? I just re-read the book a few months ago and loved it just as much as I had when I was a kid. Why won't the BBC let me watch it now? Sigh.

In other news, I wrote another 1,000 words of Kat by Starlight this morning. It was one of those writing sessions where I spent the first hour feeling desperately certain I couldn't, could not write today, struggled just to write the first 500 words...and then sailed through to the end of the 1,000 words in pure enjoyment. I wish I could remember when this happens that if I stick through the grim first bit, it just about always turns out that way - but it's way too easy to just shrug and give up in that first hour...

And happy belated book-birthday to Tiffany Trent's By Venom's Sweet Sting! I stayed up way too late two nights in a row reading it, adored it, and was thrilled to be so surprised by some of the revelations at the end of the book. And, oh! It has such a sexy anti-hero. I LOVE the Unhallowed Prince. Don't miss this book!

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