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A research question & fun fantasy art
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I've had amazingly good luck in the past in finding out answers to historical questions by posting the questions on my here's the one that's been making me crazy: in 1802, how exactly did people light candles? (Besides just dipping them into a fire, the obvious solution...but they must have done something to light those fires originally!) Did they use tinderboxes to light the candles? Or tinderboxes plus paper spills? Or tinderboxes plus sulphuric matches plus paper spills? Or was it some method I've never even heard of? If anyone has any ideas (even if they're just ideas of good places for me to look for the information), I'd be so grateful.

And in the meantime, if you want a quick fix of lovely fantasy art, combined with a really interesting interview, check out the interview with Kat Beyer up on Fantasy Magazine right now. Now I just wish I had the money to buy lots and lots of her prints!

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