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Magical packages and links
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Yesterday morning, Maya and I were cuddling on the couch when the doorbell rang. Maya leapt up and ran for the door, tail wagging. I opened the door, and the mailman passed us a package addressed to the whole family. Maya wagged at the mailman, I closed the door, and she assumed that the excitement was over. But it wasn't!

Inside the package was a copy of Tiffany Trent's 3rd Hallowmere novel, Between Golden Jaws. Woot! I LOVED the first two novels in the series - they're some of my very favorite historical fantasy novels, Gothic and atmospheric and magical, and just perfectly grounded in their historical era. I've been reading the new book almost nonstop ever since it arrived, and it's my favorite yet. I keep alternating between just letting myself fall completely into the lush, compelling story, and taking breaks to remind myself that I must, must, must take notes on just how Tiffany accomplishes her historical scene-setting so effectively. (I'm going to be interviewing her on this blog later this month, and that writing issue is definitely going to be one of the things I ask her about!)

But! Patrick and I were not the only recipients of magical package goodness. Maya had started to wander off, bored, when I took out the book - but she came right back a minute later when she heard a squeaking sound and realized that there was a little stuffed green squeaky dragon in the package! Her eyes lit up. Her tail began to wag. She followed me all the way around the house as I searched for a pair of scissors to cut off the cardboard packaging. And then she POUNCED!

Maya and the Green Dragon

Thanks Tiffany! You've made us all very happy. :)

Today has been a day of reading my lovely new book while cuddled up with Maya. Patrick is due home in half an hour, and I can't wait - and not only because he's promised to buy me scones from Marks & Spencers on the way home! Soon, it'll be time for dinner and last week's episode of Torchwood over the BBC iPlayer.

In the meantime, here are my two favorite links from today: my brother Ben's story "Three Perspectives on the Zombie Apocalypse" has been reprinted online in Tales of the Zombie War; and all vampire fans (or vampire burn-outs) must check out this list: Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Vampire. (My favorite: "1. I will not pick off friends, family or neighbors of the Hero one at a time. This annoys the Hero and drives him into action. They'll still be there when he is dead.")

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