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New haircut and PhotoBooth madness!
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Even if I hadn't already been warned that our new local hair salon is expensive, I think I would have guessed. The giveaway moment, for me, was when I sat down in front of the mirror, my hairdresser arranged the apron around my neck, and a second hairdresser hurried up to ask me if I'd like something to drink while my hair was cut - "A latte? A cappucino?"

Luckily, I really like the end result. It's totally different from any haircuts I've had before, so it took me about 20 minutes or so to get used to it, but now I think it's really good. It's kind of a Velma haircut, from Scooby Doo. Luckily, Patrick says he always thought Velma was the cutest character in the show.

It's raining outside, so I couldn't ask Patrick to take a picture in good light. Instead, I snapped a shot with PhotoBooth on my computer, in very bad light:
New haircut (via Photobooth)

Then Patrick and I decided to take a Photobooth picture of the two of us - but Maya insisted on getting in on the action!
Full Family Photobooth

I'm happy with my haircut, and right now we're watching England do really well in rugby. It's been a good start to the weekend!

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