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Lists, demonic schemes, and a really good short story
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We're leaving for Eastercon tomorrow morning, which of course means that we haven't started packing yet - but I am feeling the urge to start making lists. I don't like packing, but I do like making lists of things to pack. Ah, the illusion of control... (Now, of course, I'm playing with the idea of a new, related short story, but I'm sure that in the whirl of actual packing, organizing, and driving to London, the story idea will fade away as quickly as my practical packing ideas fade if I don't pin them down in a list!)

Unfortunately, it turns out there are going to be major roadworks on the M1, the road we have to take down to London. Gaaaah. It was already doomed to be a hellish drive, since it's Easter weekend, and practically everyone in England is driving somewhere on Friday (and again on Monday, when we leave, since Monday's a national holiday). But to add road works on top of that...well, that just sounds to me like active malevolence. All I can think of is that Crowley, from Good Omens, must be involved, in one of his most ingenious schemes for corrupting the souls of humans through road rage.

Yesterday was a nice, restful day, though - it was a half-day for Patrick, so during his non-working half of the day, we went out to Borders, where I ate an apple-cinnamon muffin and read a wonderful short story in the April/May issue of Asimov's: "An Almanac for the Alien Invaders", by Merrie Haskell, which may be my favorite alien invasion story ever. It's funny, wrenching, carries a powerful emotional kick, and manages to have a lot of resonance with current events without ever lapsing into simple parallelism. As soon as we got home, I shot over to the SFWA website to recommend it for a Nebula. If you haven't read it yet - do! :)

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