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Croissants and sunshine
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Any day that starts out with croissants - heated in the oven to hot, flaky perfection, and filled with butter and jam - then moves on to include a trip to the park in the bright sunshine is my perfect kind of Sunday. The croissants were an inspiration that came straight from my ongoing nostalgia for Vienna. Back when I was living there, I used to go to my favorite café at least once a week for what they called a "französische Frühstuck", a French Breakfast: hot croissants served with butter and jam and a delicious cup of cafe au lait. It occurred to me on Friday that even if I couldn't go back to Vienna right now, I could at least replicate that one particular experience, so I ordered croissants from Sainsburys and enjoyed them this morning. Heavenly!

Then I finished Chapter Twelve of Kat by Starlight and started Chapter Thirteen, fueled by my Vienna-inspired happiness. Yay! I'm over 30,000 words into the novel right now, and Kat is getting into more and more trouble (it's 10pm in Bath, and she and a friend are being chased through the Roman Baths), which is just exactly how I like it.

On most days, Patrick and I (and Maya) have a routine. Patrick takes Maya out for a big hike in the morning. By the early afternoon, she gets a treat and is put in her kennel in the bedroom while he and I go out somewhere - the Borders café or the library, on a good day, or on a bad day (like yesterday) the massively overcrowded local mall for an unavoidable shopping trip. (The worst part? Spending an ungodly amount of money on a special, orthopedic, memory foam pillow - and then discovering last night that it is horrifically uncomfortable. Gaaah.)

Today, though, was different. It's a gorgeous, sunshiney day, and instead of putting Maya in her kennel this afternoon, Patrick and I piled Maya into the car and drove out to the local park for the first time in months. All three of us loved it. Maya met several friendly dogs and got to sniff and play with them off-leash. Patrick and I got to walk around in the sunshine and watch her enjoy herself, something I've really missed since I stopped being her main walker during the day. And best of all, I walked the whole mile of the park's perimeter and felt great. Knock on wood - I've been thinking this for a while now, but have felt too nervous to say it publicly, in case I jinx myself - I think my CFS may actually be getting better. I didn't have an energy crash after or during Eastercon, I've been walking a little further with Maya every day...send me good vibes, please, that this trend may continue!

And in the meantime, I'm just loving the sunshine.

Steph and Maya in the park

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