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For the past several years, I've had a forwarding account using the domain name This means that pretty much every email I've EVER publicly given out has ended in (eg, Unfortunately, the forwarding account ran out a few days ago, I was too distracted by other stuff to do anything about it, and I've only just found out (with a feeling of: DUH!) that many emails have gone astray in the meantime. I've fixed the email info on my website, so it's now up to date. However, if anyone's tried to email me in the last few days using an address that ends in, please be aware that I won't have received the email (and you may not even have gotten a "bounce" notice.) If you use the email address listed on the website to re-send, everything should work out fine now. (And everyone who has my personal email address, NOT ending in that domain name, should continue to be just fine regardless.)


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