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Saturday naps, the great title-hunt, and a Caroline Stevermer reading binge
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Today has been a beautifully lazy Saturday in some ways (I just woke up from a wonderful afternoon nap on the couch, with Maya cuddled asleep on top of me), and nicely productive in others - this morning I wrote about 1100 words of Kat by Starlight and finished Chapter Fourteen, which felt fantastic, especially after the recent writing funk. Best of all, not only do I already know what's going to happen in Chapter Fifteen, but I've been planning for it and excited about it ever since I first conceived of the novel. Hurray! It's like getting a cookie 2/3 of the way through the book.

(PS: Patrick has pointed out with great good sense that Kat by Starlight may NOT be a good title for the sequel to Kat by Moonlight, because in a very short time, this series will take on a desperate hunt for different kinds of lighting options. Kat by Sunlight? Kat by Candlelight? Kat by Very Dim Torchlight? Kat Under a Clouded Sky? I totally take his point...but on the other hand, I can't think of anything else that feels right, yet, so for now, Kat by Starlight will continue to be its name.)

This morning I also finished re-reading Caroline Stevermer's A Scholar of Magics and liked it even better the second time round. The first time I read it was actually horribly unfair timing - it was years since I'd read (and enjoyed) its prequel, A College of Magics, but I'd just read the whole Sorcery and Cecilia trilogy, adored those books completely, and really wanted More Of The Same - and of course A Scholar of Magics isn't More of The Same at all, it's its own very differently-paced book within the separate College of Magics universe. I still liked it, that first time through, but not nearly as much as I did this time, when I finally read it without unfair expectations. Now, after enjoying it so much, I want to re-read A College of Magics, and then...well, I'm such an unfair reader. I want there to be another book in that series, now! But I suspect that I'll be satisfied with whatever book Caroline Stevermer chooses to write next. And maybe in the meantime I'll dig out my copy of When the King Comes Home, to tide me over until then.

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