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"Giant" All Over!
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Hurray! My short-short story "Giant" has been re-published as an audio podcast on the new fantasy podcast, Podcastle. It's about 6 minutes long, and you can listen to it (or download it) for free.

...Which makes it perfect timing that I can now announce some news I've been really happy about (but haven't been able to make public) for a while: "Giant" is also going to be reprinted soon in the upcoming Lone Star Stories anthology The Lone Star Stories Reader! The ToC is pretty amazing:

1. An introduction by Sherwood Smith;
2. “Wolf Night” by Martha Wells;
3. “Seasonal Work” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman;
4. “‘Janet, Meet Bob’” by Gavin J. Grant;
5. “The Great Conviction of Tia Inez” by M. Thomas;
6. “Angels of a Desert Heaven” by Marguerite Reed;
7. “The Disemboweler” by Ekaterina Sedia;
8. “A Night in Electric Squidland” by Sarah Monette;
9. “Thread: A Triptych” by Catherynne M. Valente;
10. “The Frozen One” by Tim Pratt;
11. “Dragon Hunt” by Sarah Prineas;
12. “Manuscript Found Written in the Paw Prints of a Stoat” by Samantha Henderson;
13. “Giant” by Stephanie Burgis;
14. “When the Rain Comes” by Josh Rountree;
15. “The Hangman Isn’t Hanging” by Jay Lake; and
16. “The Oracle Opens One Eye” by Patricia Russo.

I can't wait to get my contributor copies! I read and loved many of those stories in the magazine when they were originally published; others are new to me but written by authors I love, and I can't wait to read them for the first time. (I'm not sure when exactly the anthology will be published, but I think it will probably be sometime this year.) The full details are on editor Eric Marin's blog.

It's been a great start to my Saturday, all in all. :)

Read/Post Comments (4)

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