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Long weekends, good books, fun writing
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Via Sherwood Smith - I would be in SO much trouble if our local Borders ever instituted this rule!

We had a lovely loooooong weekend, since yesterday was a UK national holiday (celebrating May Day, er, just a few days late). Lots and lots of trips to the bookstore, and yes, three different books read in full, over chocolate cream frappucinos and Signature hot chocolates. Since I have an incurable addiction to reading, and can only afford to spend £25 a month on fun stuff like books (going down to £20 next month, when our rent goes up), the Borders café, along with our local library, is a total godsend. (And I should also add that those free café reads have frequently led to me buying books by new-to-me authors - I'll read their first book over hot chocolate, then buy several more with my next month's treat money.)

It was a great reading weekend in general, actually. Sunday night I had a really vivid, lovely dream about Carrie Jones's novel Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend, which I hadn't read since January, so Monday morning I dug it out of one of our many piles of books (they've colonized the end room to a scary degree) and have been re-reading it ever since with huge enjoyment. I'm about 30 pages from the end now, and just got the second half of my monthly Amazon order, with Poison Sleep and Lace and Blade. They both look like so much fun, I think I'll have to flip a coin to see which I read first.

And absolutely best of all, I've finally given in and started to write the climax of Kat by Starlight - and I'm having so much fun with it. As much as it pains me to near the end, I'm having such a great time finally setting off all those clashing consequences at as high a speed as possible, making things completely impossible for poor Kat, and forcing her to rise to greater and greater heights of ingenuity to cope with them. It's really mean of me to laugh when my characters are in trouble, but I am having so much fun revealing more and more unexpected and horrifying results of her and her sister's clever (or crazy) schemes and methods earlier in the book. Of course, Kat will save the day in the end...but she's not having an easy time of it in the meantime!

I finished Chapter Nineteen this morning, and now I'm taking a rice krispies-and-internet break, while Maya sleeps on top of my legs. It's a beautiful, warm day outside, so in an hour or so, we'll probably wander down the street to visit the baby horses, and then sit outside for a while to read in the sunshine (or, in Maya's case, to eat grass like a little horse herself).

Happy Tuesday!

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