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My personal battle cry
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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, skulking across the terrain! It is Stephanieburgis, hands clutching a burning branch! And with a mighty howl, her voice cometh:

"For the love of beatings, I pillage like the world's mightiest bad-ass!!"

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created by beatings : powered by monkeys

In point of fact, I'm feeling remarkably relaxed and non-martial at the moment - it's a gorgeous, summery day, I've written a thousand words of Kat, and best of all, I spent a wonderful half hour this afternoon lying on the grass in the beautiful forested valley near our house, surrounded by bluebells and huge, leafy oak trees, soaking up sunshine and purring with contentment. But it's always good to have a battle cry as a fallback, just in case... ;)

Read/Post Comments (2)

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