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Stitching Time
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Woot! My short story "Stitching Time" has just been republished in the very cool 'zine Diet Soap, Issue No. 2 (Sex & Gender), edited by Doug Lain and M. K. Hobson. I loved reading M. K. Hobson's launch party report - especially because it turned out (surprisingly but pleasingly to me) that I was a virtual participant in it: Mary read "Stitching Time" out loud as part of the party! (I've always wanted to go to Portland, but have never yet made it out there - at least now my story has made the trip for me.) You can buy a printed copy of the zine or else email the editors at "info (at) dietsoap (dot) org" for a free pdf copy. (Make sure you remember to let them know if you want a bookletized or on-screen version!) I'm really looking forward to reading the full issue.

And it's been a good story week in general, since last night I wrote the first 800 words of a brand-new short story, my first new story in about 5 months. It's one of my very few science fiction stories, it's very light and frothy, and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far.

Right now the sky is clouded over outside for the first time in days, but it's still beautiful weather - warm enough to wear sandals outside, but with a deliciously cool breeze. Apparently in this past week England has had hotter weather than either Greece or Spain. I have been feeling disgustingly smug about this, since I'd been so jealous of the people who could afford to escape to Mediterranean climates this spring! Now if only there were a lake or ocean closer to us, for swimming purposes...ah well. I still haven't made up my mind where we're going to go on my birthday, in just a couple of weeks. I definitely want to do a day trip somewhere, but I haven't decided whether it should be to a castle, a Georgian house museum, or an ocean. Hmmm...all nice options.

Now back to writing! :)

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