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Safe movie recs?
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I've always preferred comedies to tragedies, no matter whether I'm watching a movie or reading a book. But now that the pregnancy hormones have hit with full force, the situation has become desperate. The other night, Patrick and I watched a very good Dr Who episode, "Forests of the Dead" - and I spent the next half hour sobbing helplessly, much to Patrick's shock and my own embarrassment. It was a good episode. It wasn't even a tragedy. But oh, my God did it hit my pregnancy hot-buttons, and the hormones let me know it. Even as I felt dumb for letting a TV episode affect me that much, the tears kept right on coming. There is a very clear message that I've accepted: from now on, stay away from movies that hit pregnancy hot-buttons!

So I'm on the lookout for comedies - especially ones with no possible crossover. (E.g., I'm avoiding Juno despite all the wonderful reviews, because I feel that now is NOT a safe time to watch it! I'll watch it after the baby is born, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it at that point. So please don't recommend anything like Knocked Up - any movies with pregnancy aspects in them have the potential for Trouble, no matter how light-hearted the movie itself might be!) Earlier this week, Patrick and I watched Death at a Funeral, which was incredibly silly and a bit predictable, but very, very funny. Last night we re-watched an old Jeeves & Wooster episode, which was perfect.

What else should I put on the rental list? What movies do you guys watch when you just want to relax and not think too hard?

Read/Post Comments (2)

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