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Gordon Korman, strawberries, and an anniversary
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It's a darned good thing I love Gordon Korman's books so much. And I really do - when I first discovered his Beware the Fish! as a ten-year-old, it was the funniest book I had ever read in my life, and as I grew older, I got to move on to his older-YA books, which I found even funnier, like A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag and Don't Care High. When I found out, in seventh grade, that my English teacher had actually met Gordon Korman, I went into near-catatonic shock - it meant more to me than if she'd met any rockstar. He was a rockstar, to me.

...Which is why I can forgive him for the fact that it turns out he sold his first book when he himself was in seventh grade (!!!!), selling it on his very first submission to any kind of market...and why I loved this 3-minute book video/interview of him so much. I think with pretty much any other author, I might have gotten all immature and jealous and turned off the video at the publishing-since-12-years-old revelation - but as it was, I loved seeing him in the video, feeling the sheer exuberance of his books expressed in his own personality, and hearing about his new book, which sounds like a lot of fun. If you've read and loved any of his books, I think you'll enjoy the video, too.

In other news, I'm nibbling fresh strawberries (trying to keep up on my fresh fruits & vegetables - the fruits are always easier and more fun!), snuggling with Maya, and trying to figure out what to read next, now that I've finished a lovely collection of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple short stories, The Thirteen Problems. (VERY fun if you're a fan of golden-age mystery, which I am, and Miss Marple is one of my very favorite fictional detectives - she and Peter Wimsey are pretty much tied for 1st place in my affections.) And in even better news, today is my and Patrick's 7th anniversary of couplehood. We don't go all-out to celebrate this anniversary now that we have a wedding anniversary in August to celebrate in its place, but it always makes me happy anyway when this date comes around. We may not be going out tonight, since it's a work night for him, but I will say here: it's been a really wonderful seven years. And it's lovely to be expecting a baby this time around, too!

Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

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