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Good news and more
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Thanks so much to everyone who wished us luck with yesterday's appointment! It went absolutely as perfectly as possible. After testing Maya's shoulder and watching her move around outside (where she spun in happy, dizzy-making circles all around him), the specialist said that he does think she will need the surgery, and that it will be useful for her...but not for at least another 2-4 years. He said that he'd originally been more in favor of the surgery when he first saw how bad her X-ray looked, but the most important principle is to "treat the dog, not the X-ray", and in observing Maya herself, he's convinced that she's managing well without the surgery, her bad shoulder isn't slowing her down or affecting her quality of life, and the surgery isn't yet worth the risks.

We are very, very relieved, and so was Maya when she escaped unscathed from the vet's office. Not even a single shot! She waggled all the way out to the car. And last night Patrick and I had a great dinner out to celebrate 7 years together, without any stress over veterinary decisions to weigh us down. Mmmm, that tiramisu I had for dessert....delicious!

I've just finished my morning writing session, which ended up going really well after a hard start, and now I'm going to reward myself by watching exactly the kind of trashy TV that's perfect for me: the BBC's The Supersizers Go...Regency! Here's the description: "Giles Coren and Sue Perkins indulge the Regency diet of 1789-1821. During their week they try boars head and salmon poached in Champagne and discover the origins of the sandwich." I expect, particularly as a vegetarian, to be fairly grossed out by some of the foods (let's face it, some of the foods eaten in the Regency were genuinely disgusting), but I'm also hoping to get some good notes. And mmm, all those Wimbledon matches to catch up's a good thing this morning was productive, because I have the feeling it will be a lazy afternoon!

And oh, it is such a relief after all my worries yesterday - I'd really thought that Maya might be going into surgery today. It's SO much better to be cuddling her and watching Regency TV instead...

So in a spirit of celebration, check out the single upcoming (internet) movie event that I am most excited about (YAY, Joss Whedon!):

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday, everybody!

Kat by Starlight
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