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Good times, good links
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Maya's sleeping on top of my legs, the sky outside is shockingly blue, I had a good writing session this morning, and I just finished reading Volume 2 of Buffy Season other words, all's well with the world. :)

And just to share the joy, here are my two favorite links from the past couple of days:

  • Karen Mahoney just did a wonderful guest blog entry at All My Favourite Books. It's about how she wrote her YA urban fantasy novel The Iron Witch (which sounds fantastic!) in the midst of a really terrible time, and how she got her excellent agent, and the entry is called Writing My Way to Sanity. I really, really loved reading it, and if you go over and leave a comment about your favorite urban fantasy novel, she'll even enter you in a drawing for a free book. What's not to love?

  • My second link isn't actually new - it was published in 2006 - but I only discovered it yesterday. (Embarrassingly, I'm certain I found it as a link from someone else's blog, but now I can't remember whose blog it was. Urk. Sorry!) For anyone who ever once read one of those traditional old bodice rippers or even just skimmed through one disbelievingly, this Onion article is for you: How Did I End Up On the Cover of This Romance Novel? It begins:
    "Last week at the supermarket, while shopping for my weekly supply of three dozen eggs and 12 pounds of mutton, I spotted a rack near the checkout lane containing several romance paperbacks. Normally, such trash wouldn't get a second glance from my coal-black eyes, but the sight of one book practically made my chiseled jaw drop. There, on the cover of Dark Passions was yours truly, Duncan Larksthrush, in the flesh.

    "At first I thought it must have been a coincidence. There must be thousands of men with huge, glistening pectorals and shoulder-length golden hair whose steadfast gaze betrays immeasurable fathoms of passion..."

    This piece made me laugh really hard. I've bookmarked it for re-reading in the future any time I need a cheer-me-up. (And yes, when I was a teen, I did read some of those bodice rippers as a total guilty pleasure. Nowadays, when I read romance novels, they tend not to be the ones with Fabio on the cover...but the memory of those guilty pleasures made me love this piece even more.)

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