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A much better wake-up
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I woke up to wonderful news this morning that nicely balanced out the awful news of Saturday morning: within just 48 hours, enough donations streamed into Clarion West to buy replacement laptops for all four students who'd had their laptops stolen. You can read the details at Neile Graham's blog.

It makes me so happy to see instances of such generosity. As often as crappy things can happen, and people can do horrible things to each other, people can also be so caring and generous to total strangers. It really is inspirational.

And it's a good way to wake up on a Monday.

I've had a really good couple of days, too. Last night, we enjoyed the BBC iPlayer to the fullest by watching the final Wimbledon championship match between Federer and Nadal, and wow. I have never seen such incredible tennis played, or such an evenly matched championship game. Either of them could have won, up until the very last moment. It was amazing.

Yesterday I took a day off writing, partly because I've made a habit of taking off one day every week, and partly just because the pregnancy exhaustion won over my work ethic - I ended up napping with Maya on the futon for an hour instead, and I really needed it, even after a decent night's sleep. (I have never in my life felt so purely tired, All The Time - and without even having any real lack of sleep to account for it. Sigh.) This morning, after breakfast, I was also exhausted - I kept mumbling to Maya, "I'm just soooo tired", and she gave me very sympathetic looks as she snuggled into my side - but I ended up having a great writing session anyway. I finished Chapter Twenty-Six and started Chapter Twenty-Seven, the very last chapter of the climax, the one that starts and ends with Kat's final confrontation. It's exciting to write, so I hope it will be exciting to read.

Now I'm going to give in to the pregnancy exhaustion and cuddle up with one of my new books (and with Maya, of course).

Kat by Starlight
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