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World Fantasy membership
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Patrick and I were planning to go to World Fantasy in October this year, until we found out that we'll be having a baby in mid-October. Obviously, having a baby is EVEN BETTER than going to World Fantasy (I say hastily, just to make it clear to that baby if he/she ends up reading this blog entry someday in the future!), but in the meantime, that did leave us stuck with two pre-purchased memberships to the convention. We've sold one of them, but we still have one on offer. We bought these really early, back when they only cost $125 apiece. (I think the current price is $150 apiece.)

If you know anyone who would like to go to WFC and hasn't bought a membership yet, we'd love to sell them our spare membership for $125, the price we paid for it. (I guess we could haggle over a lower price, but honestly, with the baby coming up, we're pretty strapped for cash and would really love to get back that full amount.) Please feel free to pass this info to anyone you think might be interested. They can email me at: stephanieburgis AT livejournal DOT com .

Thanks guys!

ETA: We've now had an offer. Hooray!

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