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Another lazy weekend
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This weekend, so far, has been full of:
  • unhealthy desserts: brownies and apple strudel, oh my! At least I ate them on different days...

  • movies: we saw the end of Dr. Horrible yesterday morning, then went out to watch "Forbidden Kingdom" in the theater yesterday afternoon, which made the baby inside me go absolutely crazy - I was starting to harbor fears of an Alien-like explosion through my belly! Maybe next time I should bring along a big pillow to muffle the sounds around my middle? Apparently the sounds outside my body are actually amplified for him/her by the amniotic fluid, so, since the movie theaters play movies at volumes that hurt even my ears, I'm guessing that that fit of frantic full-body writhing signified extreme discomfort for the baby. :( After we left, we talked about whether or not we should risk going to see any more movies in the theater (we haven't decided yet - but if we do go back, I'll definitely be bringing a pillow), and I felt very, very thankful that the next Harry Potter movie won't be coming out until after the baby is safely born. (It may well turn out to be our first babysitting experience...because, of course, I am FAR too much of an addict to miss seeing that movie in the theater!)

  • good reads: I love the short-short story Laini Taylor just posted on her blog: The Ghost Carousel. So lovely, dark and sweet - go read it! And this morning at the Borders cafĂ© I read a new Mary Oliver poem in the current issue of The Bark that is perfect for anyone with a nervous rescue dog. It's called "Benjamin, Who Came From Who Knows Where", and it begins:
    What shall I do?
    When I pick up the broom
    he leaves the room.
    When I fuss with kindling he
    runs for the yard....

    I am yearning to post the whole poem but feel it would be unfair as well as illegal, since it's only just been published in print. But I will say to any rescue-dog owners: next time you're in your local bookstore, grab this issue of the magazine if only to read the rest of the poem! I loved it.

Now I'm going to settle in for an afternoon of cleaning (sigh) and Maya-cuddling (yay!). Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

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