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Tentative whew...
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Well, Maya isn't back to full health yet, but she's definitely better today than yesterday. The vet gave her a very scary injection - you know how vets & doctors usually say things like, "This is just going to be a little pinch/scratch" (and we all know to think yeah, right...)? Well, this time the vet took a deep breath and said, "This is really going to sting..." - and sting it definitely did, since poor Maya, who is normally very stoic with shots, actually started to whimper and cry as it went in. (And in, and in, and took a long time, since there was a LOT of fluid to be injected...poor Maya!) Today, though, Maya is noticeably better than yesterday, she hasn't shown any of the "danger" signs we were warned about, and she's getting tiny portions scattered throughout the day of a super-sensitive wet food prescribed by the vet, which Maya thinks is total heaven. She's going to be very, very shocked and saddened when she has to go back to her usual dry kibble in a few more days...

And this morning I finally started to re-read Kat by Starlight for the first time since finishing it two weeks ago. As always with a first draft, it was a combination of fun (Hooray! I get to play with Kat and her family again!) and terrifying (Aagh, I forgot how rough my rough drafts are! Rewriting is going to be real WORK!). Luckily, we were sitting in a Starbucks café as I read, so I ate a very rich chocolate brownie as a soothing calm-me-down, and Patrick was there to remind me not to get distracted yet by nit-picky line edits, etc. - just to keep reading and thinking about larger plot and structural issues in this draft. And no matter what, I really am so happy to be back in Kat's world again.

Today it's been a hot, humid day, and it feels like my pregnant belly weighs at least 100 pounds. I guess this is the point of the third trimester - to convince women that really, labor and delivery can't be that bad - or in other words, to make us so desperate to get this baby out that we don't care what we have to do to get there! Less than 12 weeks left until the official due date...

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