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Today I am exhausted and completely brain-dead, for reasons that are explained on Patrick's journal. Poor Maya. Poor us. Ohhh, I really hate nights without sleep. (And yes, I know that there are a lot of these in my post-October future. Eep!) Here are the things that I have tried and failed to do today:
  • think through various tax options (a fairly vital issue I need to figure out soon)

  • talk to the IRS (failure on this is not actually my fault - the London IRS helpline is only open from 9-12, I kept trying to call pretty much continuously through that time, and I never, ever got through - they won't even let callers wait on hold, grr!)

  • think about various important issues I should be deciding soon

  • write thoughtful emails back to people who have sent me really useful advice over the last few days

My tired brain's reaction to all of the above was: Uhhhhh.... - it's been very Shaun of the Dead around here!

So, I finally gave up on being thoughtfully productive. Instead, I settled for purely brainless productivity - sorting through piles of old paperwork to pick out the bits that need shredding before recycling; searching out cool Jane Austen icons for my LJ (OK, I admit that this doesn't sound terribly productive, now that I mention it here); and for a totally non-effortful form of productivity, I made an appointment to finally get my hair cut this afternoon. (See, it's genuinely productive - I've been needing a haircut for months - and yet I don't actually have to do it myself. Perfect!)

Really big apologies to everyone who's owed an email from me - I will return all my emails soon, I promise. But ohhh, I wish I hadn't given up coffee for this pregnancy!

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