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On our way!
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We're off to Wales soon, really - no, really, this time! As usual, we started out intending to leave first thing in the morning...then, by the end of last night, we realized that wasn't realistic, so we changed our goal to a noon departure - and now it's 11:46, and we're hoping to get out by 1:30 at the latest...! But we will get out eventually, and it'll be good. I don't know how much internet access I'll manage, so I may not be updating during the next week, but I will definitely be taking a bunch of pictures, especially during our day trip to Bath! (And oh, if only we had a whole week to spend in Bath, too - I've been drooling over the list of 18th/19th-century museums there, but I know we'll only manage 2 or 3 at most...sigh...and I just can't justify going back to the Jane Austen Centre again, even though I did love it last time...but I am now determined to try out at least one of Sally Lunn's buns while I'm there, though! And, I hope, visit the Georgian kitchen museum underneath the bakery/café.)

And the anniversary yesterday was wonderful. First we exchanged presents - mmm, gorgeous handmade jewelry for me! And - well, I'll wait and let Patrick say in his next LJ entry what he got, but I will say that I was really excited about buying it for him, and very happy that he loved it just as much I'd hoped. It was one more piece of proof that we're married to our perfect partners. ;p Then we had a great lunch out at our favorite Japanese restaurant and a really good writing-café trip. (I'm finally through the scary fresh-rewriting stage of KbS, and I'm now tearing through the later chapters - I would LOVE to have a full second draft done by the end of our week in Wales.) Even the packing didn't get in the way too you can probably guess by how late we're getting out of the house today!

In case I can't post again until next Sunday, have a wonderful week, everybody! I'll miss reading blog entries - I'm anticipating a HUGE catch-up session when I get back! ;)

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