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Home! (With photos)
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We got back home this afternoon, after one of the easiest drives ever - I kept wishing I had wood to knock on as we drove, waiting for the inevitable August Saturday traffic jam to appear somewhere...luckily, it just never happened. Undoubtedly, this was all just intended to put us off guard for our next trip, but I'm very grateful nonetheless!

And it was a wonderful, relaxing week of vacation, complete with - best of all - a wonderful day trip yesterday, out to Raglan Castle, the biggest castle I've ever been to in Wales or any other country, and one of the very most impressive. It even still has a moat! It's the first working moat I've actually seen. Not to mention the gorgeous castle cat who lay sunbathing in the courtyard, guarding the castle by distracting the tourists' attention with her soft fur and belly...

Now that we're back home, of course, there are rooms in the house that need cleaning, baby supplies that need choosing & buying, and worst of all, Patrick will be going back to work on Monday...but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. (You can see a bunch more on my flickr account.)

First, the famous waters of Bath, served in the Pump Room from this very cool old fountain:
The famous waters of Bath

Next, photographic evidence, as promised, that I really did force myself to drink a bit of the truly disgusting, warm water in the name of research:
Steph taking the waters of Bath

Finally, the old Union Street entrance to the King's and Queen's Baths (which I hope was the entrance Kat and her sister would have used in 1803...still waiting to confirm that!)
Entrance to the King's & Queen's Bath

And on to Raglan Castle!
Raglan Castle

Patrick about to brave the MANY steps up to the top of the Great Tower:
Patrick in Raglan Castle

Looking down from the top of the Great Tower:
Looking down from the Great Tower of Raglan Castle

And me being very, very happy to discover my favorite new-to-me castle (I am SOOOOOO addicted to castles!):
Steph in front of Raglan Castle

It's good to be home...but I really wouldn't have minded the vacation lasting a little longer!

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