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Oh, ack
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Remember the sweet, stray black lab puppy that Amy Sisson found? Well, Amy just got a call from the shelter saying that not only has no one adopted her, but that she may have kennel cough. Now, kennel cough is NOT a problematic disease - Maya had it when we adopted her, it wasn't a big deal, and all it took was a shot of antibiotics and a little bit of waiting to clear it up and bring her back to full health. But this shelter won't adopt out a sick puppy, the shelter is cramped for space, and therefore, the puppy is facing euthanization.

Amy and her husband cannot take in the puppy, but they can't let her be put to sleep either. So they're actually picking her back up from the shelter, taking her to their own vet for treatment, and then paying to board her there until they can find her a home - even though this is a really scary financial prospect. And they're not limiting their options to Houston, or even to Texas, anymore. Amy says:
This is NOT limited to the Houston area. We will drive this puppy wherever we have to to find her a home. So if you know anyone anywhere in Texas, or Louisiana, or Oklahoma, or wherever, who would be willing to take this puppy, we will get her there at our expense. Please ask everyone you think might even remotely be interested. As a reminder, this is a Black Lab or Black Lab mix, female, estimated 3-4 months old.

If any of you guys know anybody who could adopt a very sweet black lab puppy, please let Amy know. You can email her at amysisson AT prodigy DOT net or phone 281-218-6147 . If you do, you'll be making a real difference to a puppy's life.

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