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Future Bristol happiness & the horrifying return of an Unwanted Visitor
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I'm very happy to be able to announce that my near-future superhero story "After the Change" will be published in the anthology Future Bristol, edited by Colin Harvey. (This is one of the stories I'd sent in edits for last weekend. Whew!) Future Bristol is due to be published in April, 2009, and - and this makes it so much fun for me - it will officially début at Eastercon. Since the 2009 Eastercon is actually being held about 20 minutes' drive from our house, it would have been ridiculous not to go to it anyway (baby & all!), but now I'm even more excited about it, because I can't wait to see the anthology on sale there.

I'm also just ridiculously happy because:
  • this is the first time I've been specifically invited to submit to a paying anthology, which feels enormously cool (yes, I know that Big Pro Authors complain all the time about being invited to too many anthologies and feeling pressured by the requests, but trust me, I am not at that level of world-weariness - or of invitations! - yet, so I just felt completely delighted to be asked)

  • AND Bristol is a city I absolutely love. Patrick is a native Bristolian, and we ended up living there for about four months before moving up to Leeds together. We've also made many, many visits back over the last 5 years. Fun Treasure Island overtones, beautiful Georgian buildings, a gorgeous harbor, great independent coffeeshops, AND a wonderful SF/fantasy bookshop...what's not to love? If we had more money, we'd move down to Bristol in a flash. It was really fun to set a story there, and I can't wait to read the anthology, which is going to include stories by Liz Williams, Joanne Hall, and many more.

In other news: the house is slowly inching toward readiness for the upcoming baby; my morning sickness has unexpectedly returned (AAAUUUGHHHH!), although fortunately not at its previous full strength; I revised six chapters (!) of Kat by Starlight this morning; and I found another great, thought-provoking blog entry about revision: Conflict & Complications, by Jennifer R. Hubbard. Really good stuff.

Now I'm off to eat lunch, because if I learned one thing from the first round of morning sickness, it was NEVER to let myself have an empty stomach - that way lies Disaster!

Read/Post Comments (4)

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