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Good news weekend!
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Drumroll, please... Yesterday morning, I FINISHED Draft 2 of Kat by Starlight!!!! Wooooooot! Ohhh, this makes me happy. I'm going to wait a few days for Patrick to read through the new versions of the last few chapters (to make sure I haven't introduced any huge & glaring logic issues or major inconsistencies) before I send it off for other critiques...but I am feeling really, really good about it right now. Whew! There will be many, many more drafts in the future, but I'm so glad to have gotten this particular one done.

Then, yesterday afternoon, after my morning-long writing session, we spent 2 hours in the mall, shopping for boring-but-necessary pre-baby stuff. (We're doing a lot of that nowadays!) At the end, we stopped off at Sainsburys, a big chain supermarket. While Patrick did some grocery shopping, I used the excuse of heavy pregnancy (8 months today!) to sit down and rest in the store cafeteria...and as I waited there, I ended up making pages of notes on Book 3, Kat by Ghostlight. Eee! I'm really excited about it. And I also need to find some good pictures and maps of 18th-century country estates. Hmmm....

In other - even better - good news, remember that sweet black Labrador puppy who desperately needed a home? Well, she's found one! She's been spayed, found a new human mom, and (I think) has even moved in. Yay for happy endings! And yay for Amy Sisson, who put in the time and energy (and money!) to make it possible.

What about everyone else? I would love to hear any more good news to brighten up a gray, chilly September Sunday!

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