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Random Friday
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The last few days have been filled with not enough sleep and too much stress (no worries - it's pretty much settled down now), but here's one of the things that made me laugh out loud even during the stress: Mitchell & Webb's Who's the Captain?

(Sadly, I can't embed it, but it really is worth clicking the link to watch the clip. Honest!)

Yesterday was the first time we've taken Maya to the vet's since Mr Darcy's arrival. No shots or other nasty procedures, thank goodness - we were only there to get her tranquillizers for the horrors of the Guy Fawkes' season. Of course Maya always hates going to the vet's, regardless, but at least there was one good side-effect: it was the first time since MrD's birth that Maya was the one to get all the attention & cooing!

Right now Patrick's taking Maya on a long walk through the forested valley near our house, and then she'll take a nap while the rest of us go out to the Borders café. Mr Darcy, being a sophisticated man of the world, is excellent in coffeeshops - definitely his parents' son. And I can't wait to do some reading over a mozzarella panini and apple-cinnamon muffin, mmm...

Happy Halloween to everybody who's celebrating it!

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