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Christmas wrap-up
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Very belatedly summing was a really lovely Christmas. People genuinely seemed to like the presents we'd chosen, we got fab presents of our own, everybody admired Mr Darcy (but of course!), who got to meet two sets of uncles and aunts for the very first time, along with a whole bunch of cousins...and my very best present by far came from Patrick, who had written me a brand-new story. The funny thing was, he'd written it to my specifications - weeks ago, he'd asked me what kind of story I'd like and I'd said, "something romantic" - but it was still a huge surprise when he actually gave it to me on Christmas Day, since at the time I'd asked for it, he'd immediately said, "I can't write anything like that!" Well, it turns out that he can. :) And I loved it! It's romantic AND has a very cool contemporary fantasy plot, and by the time I finished reading it, I was crying because I was so touched by the fact he had written it for me. I love Christmas stories!

(The last time he wrote me a story for Christmas, it was published in Strange Horizons. Then the story he wrote for one of my birthdays, "Uncle Vernon's Lie", was published in Realms of Fantasy. I love it when Patrick writes me stories! And I can't wait to see where this new one ends up.)

Mr Darcy loves all the books he was given - he's already a book addict, just like his parents! - and he totally adores these awesome, bug-shaped Lamaze wrist and foot rattles. Those crazy bugs! He gets so excited every time they appear. He has no idea why they move when his feet move - I'm not even sure that he knows those are his feet! - but he's having a lot of fun (and exercise!) trying to figure it all out...and we're having a lot of fun watching him do it. :)

Unfortunately, the downside of this holiday has been a nasty stomach flu that's been sweeping through the extended family. Babies seem immune to it (thank God!), but poor Patrick woke up with it this morning and is feeling pretty horrible right now. I'm the only adult who hasn't gotten it...yet...! Wish us both luck, please!

Read/Post Comments (2)

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