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One of the things we did during our vacation over Christmas was (ta-da!): we finally signed up for Eastercon, hurray! Probably the most fun moment was when we realized that Mr Darcy was required to have a membership of his own (which was, thank goodness, free), and came to the question: Member's badge name? Well, that was an easy one to answer. If you see a little blonde baby with the badge name "Mr. Darcy", you'll know exactly who he is! :) (Aside from the obvious hint of him being in our arms, of course...)

Sadly, this is probably going to be our only con this year, but that just makes me look forward to it all the more. I've even been brave and volunteered for programming - it's been a couple of years since I was on a panel, and I could probably do with the practice. But if anyone who reads this could come along to any panels I'm assigned to and beam helpfully from the audience, I would definitely appreciate it. And let's hope that Mr Darcy is sleeping well that weekend, or my panel discussion may veer into the surreal (or at least incoherent) category...

What about the rest of you guys? Who else will be at Eastercon? One of the nicest things for us about Eastercon is that it's being held in Bradford this year, just next to Leeds. I've been forced to go off curries for MrD's sake (sigh), but I am happy to hand out recommendations for The Best Curries In the World (outside India and Pakistan) to everyone who doesn't share my dietary restrictions...

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