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A very Friday Friday...
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Argh, argh, argh. Less than 2 minutes after Patrick left for work this morning, Maya knocked over my full pint-glass of water, and it spilled all across our heavily-piled-with-Stuff coffee table, soaking absolutely everything - including, most horribly, both of my cherished Moleskine notebooks. (I have one for the Kat books and one for my short stories.)


Luckily, the Moleskines are both salvageable, and I haven't lost anything I wrote inside - the only real damage is to the pretty covers. (Sigh.) Better yet, Mr Darcy was so good and patient while I cleared up that mess that I was able to then go on and do another 35 minutes of desperately-needed house cleaning, while he lay propped up on his nursing pillow, played with his favorite toy, and watched me do it with great interest. Still, it wasn't the ideal way to start a morning.

Luckily, I'm now eating rice pudding as consolation, and in excellent news for me, Patrick's building at the University of Leeds has been occupied by protesters, hooray! - which means that he gets to work at home today. So, things are definitely looking up.

How about you guys? How is your Friday going?

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