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All the good stuff (that I know about)
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OK, so finally, now that I've come down (very slightly!) from the twitching excitement of my Monday, here are all the links that I've been loving in the past week:

  • My new favorite webcomic AND favorite fanfiction in general: The Girls Next Door. Christine from Phantom of the Opera and Sarah from Labyrinth move in together, bonding over both having had sexy but obsessive wannabe boyfriends (and both still having sneaking romantic feelings for them, which they're intelligent enough to realize Must Be Quashed). Unfortunately for them, the Phantom and the Goblin King turn out to (coincidentally!) be sharing the apartment just below theirs (and irritating each other intensely!), while Inspector Javert from Les Miz and Commodore Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean are also neighbors, and various Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett characters pop in and out. I spent waaaay too much time reading all the way through the archives, laughed out loud at several points, and decided I really have to watch Labyrinth again soon. (I haven't seen it since I was 9.) The comic starts here.

  • Greg van Eekhout (whose book Norse Code I am HUGELY looking forward to!) just posted a great blog entry about writing advice - both the good kind and the downright awful (and I agree with him 100% on his examples).

  • I loved this National Geographic photo of a baby Norwegian walrus - he/she looks like an amiable alien. (Although when I read the line about how the baby walruses are "fattened and then abandoned by mothers who leave to mate anew", I could have sworn MrD gave me an accusing look. I'd just been bragging about how beautifully round he was getting, hadn't I? Uh-oh. I told him that humans and walruses are very, very different. And that setting him down for 10 minutes so that I could cook him soup does not by any reasonable standard count as abandonment.)

  • And lastly, here are my two very favorite pieces of April Fool's humor this year: the Onion's article on Obama's reaction to the Battlestar Galactica series finale, and - even better - Google's April Fool's Day website: CADIE. I looooove SF humor! :)

Hope you guys are all having a great day!

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