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Eastercon 'n more
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So, I finished up the copyedits yesterday, I spent a horrific chunk of money on photocopying the whole manuscript at Staples (because I am paranoid about international mail), and I've arranged for UPS to pick it up this afternoon.


So, that was the long weekend that wasn't...since it was completely eaten up by copyedits, in the best possible way. By the end, late Monday afternoon, I was tingling with ideas for the rewrite of Book 2 (and more cool concepts to stuff into Book 3), because that kind of total absorption in Kat's world was exactly what I'd been needing for a very long time. It was intense and really, really good for me to have that weekend of nothing-but-Kat.

This coming weekend, though, is Eastercon. Woot! Totally the opposite of my introverted writing weekend. How many of you guys will be at Eastercon this year? If anyone who reads this is at Eastercon, please do come up and say hi! You can find me at a panel on Friday evening at 6pm ("Re-Creating History", with Chaz Brenchley, John Clute, and Shana Worthen), or at the Future Bristol launch party & reading on Sunday afternoon, from 2-3:30, where I'll be reading from my short story "After the Change". (Superheroes in Bristol - this one was really fun to write!)

You can read a really awesome review of the whole anthology, including my story, at The Fix, and read short excerpts from each of the stories on the Future Bristol website. This is going to be my first reading in about 3 years, so I'm both excited and nervous, especially because one of the other readers will be Liz Williams, one of my very favorite science fiction writers. (I really can't wait to read her story in the anthology!) There's going to be a raffle for people to win books by various contributors to the anthology, there will - of course - be copies of the anthology available to be signed, and there will also be free tea & muffins (which you may see me watching longingly...ohhh, I've missed muffins since my no-dairy diet began)! Any friendly faces in the audience would be ohhhh so very much appreciated.

Or you can just grab me as I'm walking around the hotel. :) We won't be staying at the con hotel this year because we live only about 20 minutes' drive away, but I'm hoping to be there for significant chunks of the con, and knowing me, I'll probably be in the Dealers' Room, ogling books, for a lot of my free time...and of course, you'll be able to ID me by the gorgeousness of the baby I'll be holding, since Mr Darcy will also be in attendance. ;)

I have many, many emails to catch up on, and several intellectually important things to do...but I have to admit that my biggest plan for today is to watch Jurassic Park. I think my brain needs it!

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