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Brother Peter - Right Here!
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The day after Halloween, Katy mentioned that she had heard that in ancient times, it was believed that Halloween was the day in which the membrane between the worlds of the living and the dead was at it's "thinnest", therefore the most communication could occur between this world and the next.

When she told me this, I realized that on the night of Halloween, at about 6:00 PM, I was outside and looking at the stars. My thoughts at the time coalesced into my dearly-missed brother Peter, unrelated to what Katy had told me the next day.

What happened was reminiscent of an incident which occurred within a week of when he was killed. Back then, I remember crying out, asking Universe about him, and a Punny Name popped into my head, "Alice Well".

Those who read this blog will also remember me saying sometime in the last year that I "heard" Peter say (in my head) an update, namely: "Alice Stillwell".

Getting back to Halloween, then, I remember asking the heavens, beneath the stars, "Where are you, Peter?" Much to my amazement, I was answered in much the same way, with a Punny Name! It popped into my head right after asking the question!

The name was: "Ry Cheer".

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