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I Feel Anxious
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"The words! I collected them all shapes and sizes and hung them like bangles in my mind." - Hortense Calisher

I did not wake up well. I had busy dreams and I just felt very anxious when I woke up. A feeling of being fussy and I was not going to write an entry this morning. Then my logical self said, "This is a perfect morning to write. Write down all the yucky stuff on the inside and not hold onto it." So, here I am.

I did brush my teeth since I did not do it last night. I do not know what to do with myself. I cannot believe I am not taking as good a care of my teeth as I did when I was much younger.

All I know is I feel crappy. I almost feel angry. I cannot remember my dreams. They could be a reason for my anger. I remember waking up and telling myself I did not want to go back to that dream as I did not like it. I just remember I was busy.

A part of all of this may be because of the anxiety I felt while at S's. Being out of the house and being gone as long as we were. We were out from 6 to 10 p.m. Our time was spent on dinner and then Michael used her Internet connection to fill out another application for a job.

Seeing Michael using the Internet makes me long to have Internet connection again. Especially after we talked about blogging, I would like to get back to Words of Mine again. I also want to continue pulling off the entries at Diaryland. I could kick myself for deleting my computer copies.

Words are the focus of today's prompt in "Room to Write." I remember I knew about words as a young child because Great Aunt (GA) L was an English teacher.

We were driving by Norway Lake and I said "wata." GA L looked at me and then the lake and said "waTer." She had me say it to her the same way, "waTer." Heavy on the "T" and every time thereafter when we drove by water, I would say to her "waTer."

But I knew about words from her because she had me reading at an early age all the old classics. After I would finish a book we would discuss what I had read. At the beginning she thought I could not have finished the book so quickly. She soon learned that I had read the entire book because I could tell her paragraph to paragraph what I had read. She was astounded and pleased.

Since then, I have always loved books. We were talking about books last night. The comparison between books and using a Kindle. S thought it was interesting about the use of the word kindle as in kindling wood and the burning of books. This is scary. It could happen that if people slack off using the libraries, the libraries could be retired. I would not like this at all. Particularly since I am cutting back on buying books and I am finding I like checking out books at the library it's almost like shopping and I can take the books back.

It is hard to believe that August is almost over. I have the days crossed off on the calendar and I have to wonder where the time went. Of course, I can look in my What I Have Read Book and see how many books I have read this month. Other than the moving from the number one storage unit to the number two storage unit, it has been a fairly quiet month.

This morning while looking out the slider window, I saw the same little brown bird that I saw the other day. This morning it was all fluffed out because of the mist in the air. It acted like it was looking for bread crumbs. The ones I put out yesterday were all gone. The patio is all wet from the moisture in the air. I did not want to put the crumbs in the water. I brought out the cleaned “sun” plate and broke up a whole wheat hot dog bun. I will need to remember to bring in the dish tonight.

While the brown bird was on the fence, a mockingbird lit on the fence over by the suet basket. I thought one or both of them might partake of the suet but they did not. Who knows! But this is two more different birds that have come to the patio. I wonder what will happen when I get a bird feeder out there. Of course, there could be bird poop everywhere.

mz. em
Currently reading: "Cry Wolf" - Tami Hoag

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