No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm." - Colette

I am off kilter since I had to go to the food bank this morning. It feels weird to be writing at this time of the morning instead of earlier.

I wonder if I need to let go of writing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays since I do the food banks on these two days. I have done lots of other things as well:

1. I washed my face and used make-up today.
2. I took care of Bailey's needs
3. I took care of the birds
4. I watered my plants
5. I filled my pill box
6. I did some Al-Anon reading
7. I paid the vet bill

That Bailey, I cleaned up his litter box and the bathroom floor and then what did he do: He proceeded to use the box and spray litter all over the floor. I know he waits until I clean his box and then he wants to use it even though he has just used the box. There must be something about my removing the previous day's feces and urine clots that he wants to mark his territory.

Okay, I have written about my prompt for today which was to write about an unmentionable such as feces and urine. Their word to use was snot.

Snot was mentioned in today's conversation at the food bank. M had been walking with a friend. M's allergies had been acting up and she ended up have snot on her nose. Her friend never said a word to M about it. It was not until they reached home that the friend's husband said something about the snot. M was very upset that the friend had let her walk their route and never said a word.

If I had family or a friend with snot on their nose or something between their teeth, I would say something to them.

D brought me an earring - one - a crescent moon filled with mother of pearl with a star in the curvature of the earring. He found it while he was going through boxes and he thought of me because of my crescent moon on my forehead.

I was going to put it on right then but remembered my ears are sensitive. I decided to wait until I could place the post and back in some alcohol. It looks very good in my ear. When Michael got up, I told him one of my boyfriends had given me the earring.

Then when I showed D I had it in. He was worried that Michael might beat him up. Hehehe. I told D that Michael would not beat him up.

D told me this morning that he had remodeled the office his Dad had at home and turned it into a garage. Since he did this, he has been working on his 1955 Flat Head Harley trike. He suggested we - him, me and Michael - go for a ride once he has his trike going. I think this would be fun.

I can hardly wait until I get Ruby going. I have figured up what the registration fee is monthly. I will have the total by the time it is due next July. I will also need to save up the money to have her serviced and have all her fluids changed and oil and lube to be done. I can imagine this is going to cost several hundred dollars. Then there is the insurance. I cannot imagine what the fee for that will be.

The police came in force to H's apartment today. There were plain clothes cops, parole cops, sheriffs, ICE's, and just police. I lost count after 10 bodies that I saw. K said this morning that one of the cops was from Atascadero. Mr. T said he heard that they found methamphetamine for sale, pot - probably for sale -, three scales and other paraphernalia. The kids were placed on chairs lined up along the outside wall of the apartment. One policeman interrogated the two kids who lived there and one of N's male friends. The one boy was given a field sobriety test and then he had to give a urine sample. The cops searched the apartment and even brought in the drug dog to sniff through the premises. H was arrested and the children were given to Child Protective Services.

On top of all of this, H received an eviction notice and she has to be out of the apartment by September 7. R is going to move all of her stuff while she is in jail. From what Mrs. T said, because of all the stuff the police found and the endangerment to her children plus priors, H is going to see some time in jail or prison.

All of this was the talk of our little barrio as Michael calls it. Even P came out and chatted with us. At one point I went into our apartment to read my book. I am almost done! But with all the chatter, I put the book down and went outside to listen in.

mz. em
Currently reading: "Cry Wolf" - Tami Hoag

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