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Sleeping In
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"I think what we do is take what we understand of both ourselves and what we see around us. Our own nature makes a selection; it selects which things please you more." - Louise Nevelson

Okay, I am starting later than I wanted. Michael came out and sat at the table to drink his coffee. We began talking about getting Ruby going and what it is going to cost and what will need to be done. Oh this is exciting, I can hardly wait.

I had another night of good sleep. Bailey was being pushy in getting me out of bed. I was not about to let him have his way and I stayed in bed as long as I wanted to. I know I am sleeping well because I am not getting up in the night to go to the bathroom. My bladder is full and I want to get up.

My morning routine of the last few days has been taking care of Bailey's need. I feed the birds' bread crumbs and change the water in the bird bath. I still want a bird bath that does not have a perch in the center. I want to watch them take a bath. This bath that I have does not give them much room to do one.

The hummingbird food is getting down. From where I sit, there is about an inch of food left. I know there is more because of what is in the bowl. Still within the week I will need to take it down to clean and replenish the fluid. I am going to go with less red food coloring until I do not put any in at all. Michael and I wonder if the stuff is good for them.

It is an overcast day today. The meteorologist last night predicted a 20 percent chance of rain in the inland part of the county. It does not feel as cold as it did yesterday but I am sure that can change easily if it wants to.

In toda's prompt, it asks what we notice first when we meet people. This is intended to be used in the creation of our characters.

Having been a hair dresser, I notice the hairstyle first. When I watch the award shows on the telly, I am so unimpressed with some of the hairstyles I see. I mean these women make lots of money; can't they afford a trip to the salon? I also look at the men's hairstyles too. I have come to the conclusion that some men should not go bald. They just do not have the head for it. It's like women who want to wear tight leggings. It is such a no no.

The other thing that has caught my attention of late is ties on the men. Ever since I saw Brian Williams of the NBC nightly news and his purple tie; my eye goes to see what ties men are wearing. I have seen some outstanding ties and others are ho hum. The other thing I have notice is the handkerchief in the pocket. Last night I noticed an interviewee who had a yellow handkerchief in his pocket. It did not match his tie or anything else he was wearing.

I also notice accents. I can tell if someone comes from the East Coast, the Mid West or event from the West Coast. Then, of course, there is the English, Aussie or Irish accent which I adore. But then, I also like the Cajun or New Orleans accent and I like a southern or Texas accent as well. Okay, I like any kind of accent.

I would like to live somewhere where I could pick up an accent. Some people can still hear my Maine accent especially with certain words I use. I really liked Dad's accent. It was fun to call him up and listen to him talk about what was going on there in Otisfield.

I do miss him. I wish I had had more contact with him while he lived in southern California. Although I do feel we ended on good terms. I still think of him often. I still wish he was here. I miss his story telling and his words of wisdom.

And, San Diego has lights back on as of yesterday. They have been asked to take it easy on the system because the powers that be are not sure everything is stable. Apparently, a worker in Arizona was replacing a defective part and it somehow short circuited the system and hence the black out of southern California, parts of northern Mexico and Arizona. Goes to show how much we are dependent on electricity. The news reported that schools were closed for the day and the airports were closed down.

Wednesday, I noticed I did not want to take my pills. It is like I am tired of taking them. However, I know that I will not be a happy camper if I do not take them. It seems that with the tweaking Johanna and I have been doing, the meds are working together pretty well.

I am glad I am sleeping better at night. The busy and anxious dreams have calmed down. I know I am dreaming but I do not remember them when I wake up.

HASLO has been over to H's apartment and is totally taking it apart. I have seen them hauling out the padding from underneath the carpeting. I would not want to have that job. I do not think I would like to have that stuff pressed up against my person.

We learned yesterday from Mr. T, the third apartment behind us has been rented out. I do hope they are good neighbors. It would be nice if H's apartment stays open for awhile.

I said something about B being happy that she was not by herself back there. Mr. and Mrs. T both said no that she would probably find something to complain about. This is true; B does seem to find the worst in everything. She can be a downer.

I talked with S this afternoon. I told her about the small amount of provisions we received this last week and the quality was not that good. Anyway, we are going over there later to have some dinner and to chat. Michael and I had said before this that we did not want to stay long, so he is not pleased that we are going for dinner. Oh well, we will just have to time ourselves and make a point of leaving early.

Bailey had a conversation with Michael about getting food. Michael knew I had fed Bailey and he told him so. Bailey was not going to let go. Depending on Michael's tone of voice, Bailey's would change as well. Bailey went from being whiney to sounding like he was pissed off. This went back and forth for several minutes.

Michael is watching the Cal Poly vs. Montana Grizzlies and they are ahead 10 to 7. Although Michael says Poly is not playing as well as they could. From the noise coming from the living room it sounds like Poly is taking a beating. Michael said the Grizzlies are no slouches in playing football.

The sun has finally come out. Yea! The hummingbirds have been to the feeder. We noticed last night that two, which appeared to be male and female, were making love-type moves. I want to get some nesting houses. It would be great to be able to watch the nests. I can put out some of the hair that Bailey gives up every day and even put out my hair which comes from my brush. Bailey's hair would be better because it is very soft.

On today's agenda is to sew the button back on Michael red plaid flannel shirt. I keep saying I am going to do it and then other things take its place. The other things I want to do is to wash the bathroom and entryway floors. If I get those done, I will feel like I have accomplished a lot.

Last night Michael assisted me with getting the fruit ready for freezing. There were some strawberries, raspberries and grapes. I positively see smoothies in my future.

I am glad that I am using up the fruit we get and not letting it go to waste. Plus, I enjoy the smoothies. I get a serving of dairy and usually two servings of fruit. Since I use the whole banana, I believe that is considered by Weight Watchers as two servings. I need to figure out the points for a smoothie.

It would be nice to get back into eating the Weight Watchers way. It would be interesting to see if I could shed some pounds. Particularly since Johanna said that I could lose weight while taking Celexa. I can only hope. Plus, I need to figure the points on the coffee. The only thing to measure is the Coffee Mate. I need to know how much Michael uses. Since it is only one spoonful I can measure that with the measuring spoons.

Thus, my day moves along.

mz. em

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