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"Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived." - Helen Keller

I do not know what I feel this morning or the smell that it has. I am feeling anxious. This could smell like something moldering, possibly. When I finish here, I need to make some adjustments to yesterday’s figures to see if I can squeeze out some more payments.

Ah, I have a medium-sized yellow breasted bird flying around this morning. When I first saw it, it was perched on the wire holding the hummingbird feeder's to the hook in the eaves. Now I just saw it in the bottle brush bush and right this minute it was on the fence. It is a pretty little bird.

I love the smell of the apartment when Michael cooks. I know that I am going to have something yummy to eat for my meal.

I love the smell of Bailey. Keeping him groomed daily and with his good cleaning habits I do not have to give him baths. I like this and I know he likes it too even though he may not know what a bath is. But, I bet he had a bath before he left Animal Services to come live with us. Bailey's smell is like that of your favorite blanket or sweater or sweatshirt. I love to bury my nose in whatever it is and breathe.

I like having Wednesday off. I told Michael I would get up with him tomorrow to do the Thursday food bank in Morro Bay. He gets up even earlier than I do. Whew boy, I do not know if I can do that. But, he gets up with me so I can get up with him.

Smells, what can I write about them?


Nothing comes to me yet for that last L. Sensitive. I believe one has to have a sensitive nose to be able to smell the subtle scents. The loud and obnoxious smells are in your face. As with wine and cooking, a good nose can pick out the individual scents. Like when I smell Bailey, I smell cat, his personal smell, warm fur and such. As it says in my prompt book, you are asked to smell the wine before partaking. I will have to work on this if I have wine again. Will I be able to tell the floral scents from the woody scents? I have read of some wine people can tell what area the wine comes from. That is pretty good if you ask me.

In cooking, I have known some people can tell what spices have been used. Taste is also included in this knowing.

Once you have smelled something long enough, it leaves a memory of it. It would be a trigger. I know that when I ate the oysters that had turned, the smell and taste stayed with me for a long time afterwards. Whenever, I smelled that odor, my stomach would roll and I would remember where I was when I ate the particular oyster. We were eating at Hobbees on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay with Timmy and Lady C.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I love the scent of wild onion when cut with the grass. When I think of the wild onions is when I would be sunbathing in the back yard of the Overland Park home I shared with David and he would be mowing the lawn. The fragrance of the onion was pleasing.

I do like cooked onions. Another herb is garlic. I love the aroma of freshly chopped garlic. Though, the garlic does not sit well in my tummy. I have heard the different cooks say garlic is best when lightly cooked. The cooking removes the bite that garlic has when it is raw.

I will prepare me a smoothie and hopefully getting some dairy into my stomach will calm things down. I hate when I have to go and then when I am done, I have the dry heaves from that end of my in and out system.

Oh boy, I am having a slow morning of writing. I feel close to the feeling of pulling teeth. Nothing is coming to mind easily. For that last L I will go through my little speller book and see if an L word jumps out at me.

Today, I need to copy papers for the HEAP program and mail that off. I do not know how soon I will receive a response from them. I do not know if it will help us this month or next month. Anything will be gratefully appreciated. Then, I need to make some changes from our AAA membership stuff and that will bring the cost down. This action was given us by V when she returned Michael's call last night. Hopefully, there will be enough to pay the vehicle insurance. Still there will not be money enough for laundry and gasoline, let alone for toilet paper.

I need to stay positive and put my prayers into my prayer box and let it go. This reminds me that I need to create the daily prompts from "Just for Today." Since I am leading the meeting tomorrow night I like to have some kind of focus.

A blue jay flew down and perched on the edge of the bird bath and had him/her a couple drinks of water and then flew away. I still do not know if they have partaken of the suet from the new placements. I have only seen one bird poop on the patio since I began feeding the birds on the patio. I hope it stays this way. I hated them pooping on the walk way when I was feeding them in the front.

I spoke to P last night and she said they were keeping the bread crumbs closest to the parking lot. They hope this will keep the birds from landing on the overhead branches over their walk way.

I cannot even remember my dreams from last night or this morning. I know I did dream. Adding the half dose of clonazapam is helping me sleep.

I cannot smell anything this morning because my nose is stuffy. This could be allergies. Although, I could smell the fragrance of the dead tomato leaves from the plant. That heady scent stayed on my fingers for quite awhile.

mz. em

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