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Modern Technology
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"Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself." - Cicero

I like today's quote. Whenever I have a situation going on and I wonder what the right answer is, I always ask myself, "Self what does my gut tell me?" Usually when I have followed that instinct I have been happy with the outcome of the circumstances. I always kick myself when I don't consult myself about things. I have read that if you do check in with yourself more often, you strengthen that muscle. And, the less often you feel you need to check with another. The only time I have considered another's opinion, is when I am not sure what my intent is. My action is to consult with another person in Al-Anon and between us we apply the tools of the program. I am always happy with my actions and the outcome when I have done this.

Anyway, modern technology, I do not have the most up-to-date cell phone. In other words I do not have a Smart Phone of any type. I have what I consider a plain old cell phone. The programs I use the most is the calendar, calculator, notepad, the alarm, and the "to do" list. Oh and I text.

I have bells and whistles going off all day long for this and that to remember. Need I say that my phone drives Michael crazy? It does. I do have just one tone for when I need to take medication. But, I have reminders for when to do certain housework jobs or for my favorite cooking shows and let's not forget the appointments outside my home.

Today's biggie was to see my nurse practitioner, Coleen. She is such a delight. When my primary care doctor left private practice, I was devastated. The good part was my doctor went to work for the VA. Since Michael is a Vietnam Vet, he gets to see my doctor. This is a good thing because Dr. L knows all about Michael's ailments and there is no starting over as you would do with a new doctor.

Anyway, I would see Coleen, for my annual girl stuff and she had access to my files. Well when I received the letter that the practice was closing down, I returned the form stating I would be following her. The good part? She was able to have my full file and so like Michael with Dr. L, she knows me and I am not beginning with a new doctor. So, what could have been an anxiety-ridden situation wasn't.

I get situated with the front desk and hardly sat down when the nurse called me to come on back. Before going into the exam room, I was weighed. With my clothes on, Crocs, and my phone in my pocket, I weighed 181+ pounds. Egads!

While the nurse was taking my BP, pulse, and temperature I went over my notes I had written up since my appointment.

The best news from my labs is my blood glucose has dropped as well as another item that needed watching. For now I will keep with the medication program I am on now. I was told that maybe in January, there may be a change then.

Pulling out my little cell phone and bring up my notepad, I apprised Coleen of the different concerns I had beginning with:

I alerted her to the fact that I can't see my ankles. She checked them out and my feet and agreed I had swelling. She prescribed a diuretic for when my ankles swell up. This is good that it is something she feels I won't need to take it every day. Her one direction was not to take the pill at night because I would be up all night going to the bathroom.

I had her check the hard spot between my left jaw and ear. I noticed it while I was washing my face. She said it is a lymph node that at one time was infected with one of my many episodes of bronchitis or such and it never returned to its normal size. She says not to worry that it is no bigger than a pea and benign.

We talked about my prickly fingers. She did some poking and prodding and said that what I am experiencing is carpel tunnel syndrome. Oh joy and this is my non-dominant hand. Her theory is that at night when I sleep, I am curling my hand under and that is putting tension on the tendons and ligaments. She is going to research Medicare to find out how I can be looked at to see, if this is in fact, carpel tunnel. At least I have a focus now and it is not just something weird with my hand.

I told her about my current walking status - which I am now working on my third week of walking every other day. My walks are anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes and with various inclines. I told her I was feeling stronger and now there is only one steep incline that half way up kicks my butt. She said this was a good thing and congratulated me on my efforts.

When I told her I was concerned about my weight which seems to be going up, she said not to worry. If I keep up with my walking within another couple of weeks I should begin to see a drop in my weight, all the more reason to keep walking.

We talked about food. I told her I had gone off of the aspartame. She said excellent. She then asked how many times a week do I have the real Coke. I replied maybe twice a week. She wants me to take it down to once a week. She says that I am doing fine on my food intake. I still need to watch my carbs but she understands that I am constricted by what I get from the food bank.

My last note of concern was the raised spot on my right arm just above my elbow. She looked at it. I told her that since I had been raised on a farm, I had been applying bag balm on it. The bag balm stopped the itching. To take care of the area she applied liquid nitrogen, a couple of dosages, and said that it would look like a blood blister in a day or two. I could keep putting the bag balm on it while it was healing.

Now, I feel well tended. I was surprised she took as much time with me as she did. I thanked her for this. We gave each other a hug and said, "See ya next year!" That's right folks; I don't go back until January 12, 2012. Yea!

And, she covered every one of my concerns I had made a note of. I love my cell phone.

The sun is shining morning and I hear one of the hummingbirds singing away. When we left to run errands today, we were both surprised by how warm it was outside. I love it when it gets this way. Definitely it is a day for the windows to be open and the fans going.

I forgot to bring in the bread crumb bowl Monday night and when I opened the blinds yesterday morning, the bowl was empty. I need to stay on top of this because I want the opossum to stop coming into our patio. Although s/he is very cute I don't know whether it has rabies or not. It doesn't act like it does but still I don't want it to bring along its brothers, sisters, and cousins to feed either.

mz. em
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