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Do I Have Rhythm
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"In the beginning was noise. And noise begat rhythm. And rhythm begat everything else." - Mickey Hart

I find it interesting that this quote talks about how noise is the beginning of everything. Right now, at this minute, I hear the fan from my lap top. I hear birds singing, I hear the next door neighbor's dog barking. This is the most annoying noise of all.

But from this noise comes rhythm. I like this word rhythm because I do not know how to spell it and I have to look at the quote to type it correctly. Let us not forget my little Virgo Perfection Princess. So rhythm is not a new word to me but it is a new word to learn how to spell.

Anyway, from this noise comes rhythm. I wonder if this is why I like listening to music; all kinds of music but mostly country western. I do like classical, rock 'n' roll, soul, some gospel, easy listening, the top 40, some hard rock and some heavy metal. The last two are definitely not my favorites and I can handle one song and then I want something else.

I believe in an earlier entry I wrote about how I felt that listening to music kept my Inner Critic or Perfectionist busy while I wrote. At times, I would mentally tie her up in a chair and gag her so she could listen to the music without making comments about the music or my writing. It probably is not a very nice thing to do and I should make friends with her but it works for now.

I know that when I write, I usually go back over and read my writing once again. I have not read my piece out loud but I feel I ought to. In reading my writing, I can hear the rhythm of the words. I wonder will this make my writing better. Does the music help my rhythm of writing? Does the type of music I listen to make a difference? I can see I am going to have to work with my music and my writing to discern the answer to my questions.

I was so sensory-overloaded last night with noise; I took myself to bed and used my ear plugs to shut out the worst of the noise. I also used my hand towel to block out light. I was awake at 6 a.m. and I decided to go ahead and get up to go to the food bank.

I had not planned to go to this food bank because we keep getting spoiled food from them. Does yucky come to mind? However, I was awake and I got up, got dressed and headed out the door. I felt the walk over would do me good even though today is an exercise day.

It was dark, foggy and misty when I left at 6:15 a.m. Not much traffic and it was still quiet out. I like this time of day. I remember the days when I would go walking before the world would wake up.

When I arrived at the food bank there is only one other person waiting there. Although, several persons have come before and placed their bags in line, as it is, I am number 12. Okay, I like the number 12.

I went back to the food bank. Michael stayed home. He is not feeling well today. I did not mind since I asked R to assist me in getting the basket in the back of the truck. I thanked him profusely.

There was lots of veggie today in addition to the bag of veggies we get when we first enter the room. On the back half of the tables we could have two containers of strawberries and one container of greens for a salad. I could only choose one sweet which I picked out chocolate chip cookies for Michael. E gave me his bottle of grapefruit juice since the stuff bothers his acid reflux condition.

I am really tired now. I believe the other two are taking naps while I write. I may lie down when I finish here, although I do have things to do today.

Bailey is sleeping in the chair beside me. He is so cute when he is curled up and he has the tip of his nose covered by his tail or one of his front paws.

I had down for last week to have the gas people come out to take care of the wall heater's pilot light. Michael and I discussed it and we decided that since it was not that cold yet we would wait. The longer we can go without having the pilot light going the smaller the amount of our gas bill.

And since it is October, I need to get after my medical insurance. I received word last week that Anthem is not going to be offering the plan I have now next year. This means I will have to talk to them and determine a new plan for me. I am sure it is going to cost me more.

I was surprised that I had to pay a $15 co-pay to see the doctor last week. Until now, I have not had to pay anything. Now I am going to have to include this amount when I figure up the budget. Egad, it is always something.

I am listening to Dwight Yoakum. It is one of his Greatest Hits CDs. I know the music is making me feel calm. I do not know about the rhythm helping me to write. Although that sentence came out without any difficulties, nor did this sentence give my any problems.

I told M that Boo and Fred, houseplants she gifted me, were doing well and seemed to have adjusted to my household with no problems. M chuckled and said they were table mates at her house so they were used to being close to each other. I think I may bring them over to the table to hang out here. But this would mean I would need to clear off more stuff from the table top. I removed the glass container of shells this morning so I could put the small gourds C gifted me. I have them placed in a "looks like" cut glass dish. I do not know if they will be seen very well but at least I have them out. I wonder if I can eat them.

mz. em

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