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Wet Carpet, Leaky Water Heater and the Name Game
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"It's not the answer that enlightens, but the question." - Eugene Ionesco

I believe I slept well. I was still asleep when my first alarm went off this morning. Ugh, it is much too early. I take my medication and go back to sleep. Even Bailey was sleeping in this morning.

But alas, I cannot sleep in much longer. The maintenance men are coming over this morning to find out why I have a wet carpet in my closet. Their guess is that the water heater has developed a leak and the water heater closet is right next to my closet.

It was a good thing I did the laundry yesterday because in putting away clothes and moving things around, I found a stack of T-shirts I had placed on the floor, sopping wet. I had one pair of moldy slippers, yuck and the carpet is soaking wet.

Michael was quick to get on the phone to maintenance and hence they are coming here this morning.

I pulled more things out of the closet which I would have had to anyway. The one maintenance man pulled up the carpet and took out the underneath padding. I have a fan blowing air in that corner. I hope this dries everything out.

Oh what an exciting morning. Everyone had to use the bathroom prior to the water being shut off. Space had to be made for the old heater to come out. My garden area got a good watering since they emptied the heater water there. I hope it did not burn my plants. In came the new heater. I inquired about an insulated wrap for the heater because when the HEAP people were here they said that insulating the heater would help save money. Number one maintenance man said he could do that but he did not have a wrap with him. Now it is a wait and see game.

During all of this I am thanking for their work, wiping up the messes the old heater made. Now they did lay down a drape from the front door to the back slider to minimize any messes. They were very careful to keep doors shut so Bailey could not get out. I thanked them as they were leaving for their timeliness in getting the job done.

You may wonder at my good nature about this. I want these guys to like us, plain and simple. I feel if they know they are appreciated they will not hesitate to come back again. They will not put us on the end of their list and get to us when ever they get that far. So far my theory has worked and this makes me happy.

The next upset to our day is we have lost the television channels we were getting. Since we cannot afford satellite at the moment, we were using rabbit ears. We could two of the NBC channels and two of the public broadcasting channels one of which had the cooking shows I liked to watch. Now there is nothing. What a bummer.

This incident will not bother me as much as it will Michael since he is the true TV watcher. I have the few programs I like but I have my books which is okay with me. That said I shall miss watching Simply Ming today. Then there is Supernatural tonight. Oh well, it could be worse.

I am slowing down in my writing. The day's prompt is about dialog. Since I have yet to really write anything between characters I have not a place to begin. I guess I could write a dialog between me and my critic or my perfectionist.

The first place I should start is to name them. I think they would like to have a name besides the critic and the perfectionist.

Hmmm, let me think. Who is to be named first?

Since I always seem to begin with the critic, let me begin there.

Mz. Critic
Mz. Know It All
Just Ask Me - JAM

Nothing else is coming to mind and I like the name, Just Ask Me. It seems so fitting.

Okay, miss perfectionist what shall your name be?

Miss Perfectionist

There does not seem to be any names coming to mind. This is very weird.

You Can't Do It Better Than Me So Don't Try - YCDIBTMSDT
Don't Give It a Thought - DGIAT
Miss Perfectionist
Miss Perfect

Okay, nothing more is coming through and Miss Perfect seems to fit for now.

This is kind of fun to have actual names for these two aspects of my personality. I know I can dialog with them easy enough.

Today is going to be an easy kind of day. I need to exercise. I want to do my art project. This means finding my colored pencils. And, some puttering around the house.

I did arrange a ride to and from tonight's meeting.

Bailey did very well with the comings and goings of the maintenance men. He stayed out of the way and did not try to go out at all.

Michael said that yesterday, he, Michael had left the slider door open and when he came back Bailey was gone. Michael called for him but no Bailey. As Michael called, Bailey came from Mr. T's patio with big eyes and looking very scared. Good, I hope he did get scared. Bailey may think twice now about going outside. I will need to check Bailey over today to see if whether or not he picked up some fleas. That is all we need is to have a flea infestation. I think I still have some flea treatment but we may have to buy some more if there in fact fleas.

Well, I guess this is it for me for today. I cannot think of anything else to write today. I feel tired. I have stuff to do around the house. Plus, I want to read my book and finish it. Then comes the quandary of what to read next. Do I read a book from my bag, a book from my table, a book from my favorite five books, or the dragon series in the bookcase? Ah, so many books to read and so little time.

mz. em

Currently reading:
-- "Charade" - Sandra Brown
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 25

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