No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Errand Day
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"I is another." - Arthur Rimbaud

Music of the Day:
-- The Healing Sounds of Didgeridoo
-- My Romance and evening with Jim Brickman

Drinking: Water; Coke Cola

Today turns out to be an errand day for me.

Michael is a little concerned because it is raining, although it is a soft gentle rain. If I take my time and watch out for the idiots, I shall be fine.

My first stop is to a friend's house and visit with her. She has a lovely home with a view of the bay, the breakwater and the Rock. I could sit for hours in her living room and never leave it.

On my way home, I stopped off at the Dollar Tree. These are the greatest stores for the stuff you need and a brand name is not necessary.

I picked up dishwasher soap and paper towels. In addition I purchased a cookie sheet and a silverware tray. I spent a total of $16.16. Which I feel is pretty good. I at least will have enough dishwashing soap to last me through another month.

For Michael I got him more foot powder. I picked up for me some cotton rounds for make-up and some tea lights for my infuser.

I was glad to get home and have some down time before I needed to leave for the meeting.

Michael drove me over to the church. In being responsible with the key to open up the meeting room we use, this endeavor gets me to the meeting when on such a rainy night as this; I might want to stay home.

I am glad I went to the meeting. The focus was on "Just for Today." Great minds think alike because I was going to have this as a reading before we went into sharing. It was a good meeting and I am happy I attended.


When I woke up this morning I find that Bailey is fussy. Of course, he is hoping I won't talk to Michael about whether or not Michael has fed him and I would go in and do my daily routine with him and give him a clean dish with food and fresh water. Ha, I talked to Michael and I learn Bailey has been fed and he can wait until lunch time. Bailey is not happy.

When I was done with my meditation, I came out to the fragrance of breakfast being prepared. Michael had cooked up the turkey bacon (this tastes different than pork bacon), fried eggs like I like them, fried potatoes with onions and a slice of toast and topped off with a cup of coffee.

I had not considered having this much breakfast but it was good. I have read that one should eat within an hour of rising. This alerts the body that it isn't going hungry. If the body thinks it is being starved it begins to hoard the nutrients - fat, for one thing - to stave off being hungry.

Such was my day.

mz. em

Days Meditating: 10
Currently reading:
-- "Taltos" - Anne Rice
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 47

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