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Cha Cha Changing
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Fourth day of lunar cycle
Waxing moon in Capricorn > Aquarius - 11:02 p.m. PST

"One writes to make a home for oneself, on paper, in time, in others' minds." - Alfred Kazin

Music of the Day:
-- George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Move it on Over

Days meditating: 8

Drinking: Water; tea

Change is good, right?

Me, I hate change but it is inevitable. I still complain about the changing of time in the spring and fall.

The change I write today is about the annual decision on what to do about my Medicare coverage.

Towards the end of October I received a notice from the subsidiary benefit company stating that they were not going to be offering the benefit package I am enrolled in this year.

Well gee, that's nice of them.

I call the company to find out if they have any other plan that is similar to what I have now. No, they do not. It was suggested that Plan F would be similar to the benefits I have now but it would cost me approximately $248 a month.

Whoa! Wait a minute.

What part of "I have a fixed income" didn't you understand I asked.

The customer care person seemed to shrug, at least that is what I felt. He did not care about my income just whether or not he could get money out of me.

This sent me searching to what my options were out there. I checked with a local insurance agent who even came to my house. We went over my situation, my health, and my needs. We went through the Medicare book showing the different plans. We found the ones offered in my area which isn't many. Finally, it is down to two plans: one for $69 and one for $35 a month premiums. He said as much as he would like to have my business, choosing one of these plans would be in my best interest.

Thank you every much and out the door he went.

So, I went on-line to the Medicare site. I entered in all my particulars and still came up with the two plans I had found in Medicare's book of plans.

I made one more call to the insurance agent to make sure I was making a good choice. He affirmed and G*d blessed me.

My next action was to call the plan. I had to leave a message and an agent would call me back. Within three days this nice lady called me. We went over the whys and wherefores of my needs and my financial situation and she felt their plan would be a good fit. Why wouldn't she say that? I mean, I'm sure she is going to get a commission from this.

She was nice enough to give me her name and direct phone number. She asked to get my e-mail address so she could send me an e-mail with the link to where I would sign in. She also suggested that I do this on-line or fill out the application she was sending me and take it directly to their office in SLO-town. Time was of the essence since December 7 is coming quickly.

Sure enough I had an e-mail from her later that afternoon.

Not one to rush into things, I took some more time to contemplate what I was going to do.

Tuesday, just passed, I went on-line and filled out the application and sent it off. I received a confirmation number. Then I e-mailed the agent and gave her my confirmation number so all is in the works and now I am waiting for my new card.

Now I have to look forward to $35 a month premium but $10 co-pay to see my doctor. This is $5 less than my former plan. Thankfully, I only see the doc about four times a year. Five of my prescriptions have no co-pay and three of them are $12.

All in all, I think I am going to come out even in the end. As long as the plan covers the things I have to deal with I am not going to complain.

But, oh how I hate change.

Bailey did come up and give me kitty kisses and gently pawed my face for me to wake up. This isn't such a bad way to wake up in the morning.

I took time to meditate prior to my leaving the house.

It was another morning of a racing mind. At least I showed up.

The weather is beautiful out. It is slightly overcast but it is warm.

The hummingbirds have been active. When I looked at the feeder there is less than an inch in the feeder jar. Within the next three days I will have to take it down to clean and refill.

I have three big things I want to accomplish today:

1. Take care of the pumpkin and make soup.
2. Straighten up the bedroom.
3. E-mail to insurance agent regarding my prescriptions to find alternatives to the ones they don't have in their formulary and to find alternatives for the ones which the co-pay is $12.

I also want to:

1. Take care of Bailey's needs
2. Clean the kitchen

So I am off to get things done.

mz. em

Currently reading:
-- "Taltos" - Anne Rice
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 63

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