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Getting Ready for Company
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27th day of lunar cycle
Waning moon in Scorpio
Winter Solstice
Sun in Capricorn - 9:30 p.m. PST

"Your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself." - Oscar Wilde

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

Today Michael and I began in high gear on cleaning the apartment. Today's focus is on the carpet and linoleum floors.

Michael tackled the carpet and I the linoleum floors. In my perfect world, the linoleum floors are swept every day. The bathroom and kitchen pretty much follows this line of doing. For the dining room, I like to sweep it once a week and then dry mop it. Then once a month wash it. This does not happen on a regular basis.

But, because we are having company over on Friday and Saturday, Michael and I decided on the "deep" cleaning.

Boy, did the dining room floor need the attention. On the deep clean, I moved everything out the room except for the dining room table; the base to the table even got the once over with a dusting rag. I swept the floor once and then I dry mopped. I found all kinds of stuff that seemed to have evaded my broom. Once more the dustpan came out.

And, I don't have dust bunnies, I have dust kitties. Some of them are really quite huge. Once the sweep and dry mop was completed I brought out the wet mop. By the time I was through, I could tell it had been more than a month since I had last washed that floor. Oh my!

I took a break and watched my cooking show Simply Ming. His main ingredients today were hoisan sauce and pizza dough. He came up with some yummy foods. I will have to get on-line and get those recipes. One was a pizza, another was type of filled pancake and his guest chef did a roll (I forgot what the ingredients were for the filling) which was then cut into 1/3rd sliced which were fried. Shrimp were pan seared and placed on the fried dough plus filling. The last two ingredients were a small scoop (melon ball scoop) of avocado and julienne slices of the green tops of scallions. All this was served with French champagne. I want to go on Ming's show just to eat!

After my break, onto the kitchen, I knew this floor really needed some elbow grease. Michael came in and ran the vacuum over it but I swept it anyway and came up with more grit. I even found some more spilled spaghetti from the time the bag broke and spaghetti went everywhere.

This floor I did not dry mop because it was so dirty. By the time I was done mopping, the cloth was totally used. If I had more energy, I would do it again but I think I will save that for tomorrow.

Next I took care of the bathroom floor. Again, everything on the floor came out into the hallway. I swept the floor. Bailey as neat as he is still leaves litter everywhere. I even got out the old toothbrush and hit the corners and along the bathtub. The floor isn't always swept before a shower so any litter gets wet and creates a little litter clump. Now I will be ready for the annual inspection. I also organized underneath the sink to make room for the bag of litter and some other things that don't need to be out around the john. Let's face it; the bathroom is not big enough for the three of us. But that is a story for another day.

Michael has been working on his hot spots and feels pretty good with what he has accomplished today. I feel good with what I did today too. Now I am ready to settle into my chair and put my nose into my book. I know Bailey is ready to settle into my lap as well.

Oh the joys of having company over.

mz. em

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