No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Memories of Yesterday
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"The world is made up of stories, not of atoms." - Muriel Rukeyser

I had planned on doing some transplanting yesterday and clean off the patio. I also planned on sweeping down the walkway in front of the apartment. But I didn't.

Michael feels I shouldn't have to do this that the apartment management should be doing this as upkeep for the outside of our apartments. I tend to agree with him but I have seen in the tenant handbook that residents are responsible for their own bit of property. Well, it is a small price to pay and since my space is not that large, I am not going to complain. Sweeping and washing off bird poop from the front is not that big of a deal.

Speaking of bird poop, my neighbor across the way has been feeding the blue jays under her tree that is in front of her apartment. However, the bird is roosting in the tree in front of my apartment and is therefore pooping on my section of the walk way. Grrr. Oh well, thank heavens my next door neighbor, Mr. T, gifted me with a short hose and now I can wash down the walk way and remove the offending goo.

My big project of the day is to juice carrots. I found a recipe in my carrot cookbook for a carrot smoothie:

One cup of carrot juice
One banana
One cup of plain yogurt, and
One-half cup of ice and blend

I will tell you the smoothie was delicious. It was not too heavy on the carrot flavor. I believe the yogurt and the banana tamed the carrot taste down.

After this I juiced the rest of the carrots, apples, and oranges that have been sitting for the past two weeks. Although I don't use the juicer a lot, it is great for just such a time and I am glad because my produce does end up in the trash or my compost heap. However, I did put the refuse from the carrots and fruits I juiced into the compost pot.


Today began later than usual and I am not following my usual routine.

Today I began back on the computer and then I may read or meditate. Right now I am not sure which I will do first.

It is another sunny day in paradise. I don't believe I am going to do outside work today either.

mz. em

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