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Talking Cats
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"Absolute miracles happen when I can trust enough and be vulnerable enough to get honest feelings out of my mouth to another person." - Kathy Kendall

The question in my head today is this:

Are cats born to talk or do they learn from us talking to them?

Spike, Max and now Bailey were and are talkers. Sometimes I would talk to them as though they were human and understood what I was telling them. Other times they would meow at me and I would meow back at them. This could go on for a minute or more and their meows would change chords and length of a meow.

Bailey talks to me as much as I talk to him. I speak and meow to him. He seems to know what I am talking about.

The other day, I had the front window open. Bailey could hear our neighbor, Mr. T talking to someone. Next thing I knew Bailey was yowling up a storm as he listened to Mr. T.

At first I didn't know what all this yowling was about until I heard Mr. T outside. It appeared to me that Bailey was talking to Mr. T except that Mr. T didn't hear Bailey. Maybe this was why Bailey's yowling kept getting louder and louder.

I know Bailey meows at me when he wants to be fed. He yowls at me when he wants lap time. I know when I get up in the morning he talks to me the whole time I am using the bathroom. I'm sure it is about how he is glad that I am up and that I need to put down his breakfast and could I move just a bit faster because he has been up for a long time and he is really hungry.

My cat is great!

To finish up yesterday's work, I am done with the filing. I have opened all the mail we have received in the last two weeks. I have posted all the bills so I have a small idea of what our budget it will be. There is only one small stack of things to do.

Now the counter, stool, table top and dining room chair are open!

Finished off my next Patterson book and onto "Swimsuit."

I am reading from the large print books and I like them. Although I think the larger print makes for extra pages but it is easier on the eyes.

Michael went to the library looking for more DVDs and I found three more Patterson books all in large print. I haven't noticed this before but the library had set out several of Patterson's books in one area. I am taking advantage and grabbing what I can. He is a very good writer and easy to read.

Today was errand day. We went to the post office - nothing there - oh good. Then onto the grocery store for some fun stuff to eat while we watch the Super Bowl. We are both rooting for the New York Giants.

So till then, ta da.

mz. em

Currently reading:
-- " Kill Me if You Can" with Marshall Karp
--" Swimsuit" with Maxine Paetro
-- "Living, Loving & Learning" - Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 103

Read/Post Comments (2)

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