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A Very Busy Day
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"Make the familiar exotic; the exotic familiar." - Bharati Mukherjee

Michael and I left the house by 7:30 a.m. to run errands in SLO-town. It was going to be a busy morning. Because gas has now reach $3.89 a gallon, we attempt to do all of our running around in one swoop.

We took care of Michael's stuff, stopped at the clinic for our monthly provisions and went by where Michael is going to a job interview tomorrow morning.

Back home, we went by M's house to pick up our foods from the food bank, home to unload, to the library, post office, and to the pharmacy/grocery store. Yea! Today we came home with Klondike Heath Bars. We have not had ice cream in so long. The K-bars are so tasty.

As Michael and I stepped outside this morning we were greeted by fresh air, warm temperatures and a light breeze. I love the day after a rain storm no matter how light the rain was.

My one plant in front is not doing well in the planter I have it in. Even after yesterdays rain, it has not brightened. I have moved it to the back for transplanting to another pot that may be more suited to this plant. The pot I have it in now is a decorative pot and I feel it has something to do with not enough moisture or maybe too much. The transplanting will let me know.

If you noticed in the second paragraph above, I mentioned Michael has a job interview. Yes, that's right folks, Michael has a job interview.

It has been a very strange week, moon magick at work me thinks.

On Monday morning while I was at a meeting, Michael went onto Craig's List and checked their job wanted page. He found an entry that matched his skills from a previous job he had. The post was dated January 25 or 27th. He popped off a resume and within two hours he received a phone call from the company asking him when he could come in for an interview.

It seems that this company is staffed by folks whom he had worked with at the other company. I hope this job comes through as we could really use the extra money and it would be good for Michael to be back at work again.

So, everyone, think of Michael tomorrow morning that his interview goes well and when it's done, he is a working man again.

And it not, then something better is on its way.

You may have noticed that I mentioned going to the library. Yup, that's right. I had finished off two books and in returning them; I came out with four more. I really need to stop going in there so I can get some stuff done around the apartment. Oh well, there could be worse ways to spend my time.

mz. em

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