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"Writing involves a commitment greater than illness." - Bernard Malamud

Finally, I have seen Meet the Press. The main problem I had with not seeing it was because I did not know what time it came on. Every time it was mentioned in the news, all was said Sunday morning.

I thought I remembered that it was at 10 or 11 a.m. Not the case, it comes on at 8 a.m. This information was given to me by my darling husband.

So, I set my alarm and got up to see if the show was any good. Well, I am hooked. All the people on the show were courteous to one another and no cross talk. David Gregory the show's host kept the conversation going at a clipped pace. Various topics were covered regarding the current political mud slinging.

The latest with Santorum making the comment about ". . . Obama's agenda is based on 'some phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible,' Santorum said he wasn't criticizing the president's Christianity."

There is a lot of talk now about spirituality in politics which I feel needs to be left out of the foray. Of course, this is all brought on by President Obama's health care program and that religious organization would have to provide insurance to its staff that included pre-natal care and birth control. This went against the grain especially with the Catholic Church which does not condone birth control. I am not sure of its stance on pre-natal care though.

Of course, the budget was discussed and was there enough time for a "Lone Ranger" (my words) to enter the boxing ring for the Republican candidacy. Everyone concerned said there was no time for a new contender. I guess the Republicans are stuck with who they have.

I don't know that I will watch the show every week but I will have to see what happens. Somehow in my old age, I enjoy news programs. I'm not sure that I believe everything I hear but it does give me some things to think over.

mz. em

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Read/Post Comments (2)

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